Spectacular Sunset Over Noordhoek Beach


Can you imagine sitting on your back stoep, looking over the ocean with a glass of wine in hand and seeing a sunset like this? Cape Town is a breathtakingly beautiful city. All it’s beaches along the coast with tons of small suburbs offering their own special beauty. As kids we took all this beauty so for granted.


Inland View From Their Home


Looking away from the ocean one can see farmland and pastures. Noordhoek has a wine estate and they grow an excellent Sauvignon Blanc…..no owner I like this village so much!

Another View Of Noordhoek Beach


Gord and Mr Carrots would go on long walks along the beach every day. Sandy also goes at times, I went once. At the bottom of a fairly long walk way to get onto the beach are some large rocks that
I clambered over on my bottom. Coming up was even uglier…Carrots had to hoist me up. One hike was enough!

View From Sandy And Michael’s House


We generally stay with Sandy and Carrots…as I “m allowed to call him. When we were growing up he had red hair. This view of the ocean is his back yard. About 5 miles of beach. Twice a day riders from the stables in Noordhoek bring thoroughbred horses down to this beach and exercise them.
Noordhoek is the quaint little village where they live.
It is situated at the foot of “Chappies”. Horse riding is a very popular past time…..and a visit to Noordhoek Farm Village offers country charm under shady oaks.

Hout Bay


Hout Bay is an enchanting old fishing village but has maintained its unique combination of fishing harbour
and small town atmosphere. The long white sandy beaches face a bay framed by mountains. This is simply an exceptionally beautiful place. The harbour is the focal point of the village. The development of a yacht club and our favourite fish and chips restaurant, the Mariner’s Wharf, has made Hout Bay a major attraction, especially with Capetonians.

Stormy Atlantic Ocean


This scene was taken at one of the stop areas along
“Chappies”. The craggy coastline laped by the rough Atlantic is quite a sight. This Current on the west coast is cooled by the icy Benguela Current which comes up from Antarctic and the Indian Ocean on the east coast is warmed b the Agulhas Current which flows down from the tropics.
As kids…beach bums that we were…..preferred our warmer Fish Hoek to the colder Clifton side.