Beautiful Day.


Another lovely shot of the back garden and the lake at Moya’s. It was a great day shared by our small group of Star friends. A big thank you to Moya and Peter for sharing their home.




I took this shot of this chap gliding across the lake in his kayak looking very peaceful…..not a worry in they the world

The Grand Finale


I guess we needed another bottle of wine to toast whatever was so funny. Moya and I are cracking up but Tom and Cynthia don’t look particularly amused. The body language tells quite a story!
Moya and I were in school together…that says it all!
Anyway cheers to a wonderful trip, great friends and loving family.

And Here They Are!


Gordy, Mr. Carrots, Sandy and Mango on our walk on the beach and as I recall the South Easter…also known as the Cape Doctor…..was blowing like mad.
Had to hold onto Gordy’s hand for fear of being propelled into the ocean.
A brilliant holiday!